Success Story: IVF And PCOS

Hello my husband and I have been trying to concieve for 9 years. We have been through 5 IUI with Gonal F injections and One IUI with insemination. None of them worked out for us. We are now in the IVF process. I started Lupron on Saturday October 27th - 20 units in the AM and PM. My husband started taking Doxy on Saturday also which is an antibiotic. On Sunday the 28th I started taking my Gonal F 187.5 iui along with my lupron. I go on Friday Nov 2nd for my day 6 appointment for ultrasound and E2 levels. I am so excited after nine years and my mother in Jan. of this year. It has been a long year. I do believe in God and this is the 7th year which is the year of completion and the 8th year is the start of something new. Keep us in your prayers, and we will do the same. I will keep you all posted. God Bless

Deanna Sparks, United States