Success Story: IVF - Answer To Our Prayers

It’s a long story that I am sure is very similar to many other couples. My husband and I went back and forth for a very long time on whether we wanted to start a family or not. We dated for 11 years (we were very young when we met) and finally got married at the age of 25/27. We were married for 8 years and thought “Should we start a family?” It was a big decision but we said yes, let’s do it.

We attempted to start a family and thought we would be pregnant right away but nothing was happening. Every month I would think I was pregnant and sure enough, I wasn’t. That went on for much too long. We finally started to see an OB/GYN who specializes in infertility. Through this doctor we found out that my husbands sperm motility is below average. The doctors didn’t know why. He had plenty of sperm but it didn’t move very fast or up to speed. I had every test imaginable and everything was fine. I really wish there was a problem. Then we would know why we were not getting pregnant.

Well after two years of more tests and IUI’s, we were becoming very discouraged. Then my cousin who has been trying to get pregnant for 5 years told the family that she was having twins. I approached her and asked if she did IVF. She said yes. You know, if it wasn’t for her telling me she did it, I don’t think my husband and I would have been brave enough to do IVF.

I never thought I would have the patience for all of those shots and patches. It sounded so confusing and neither one of us thought we were strong enough to go through with it. Well, we were strong enough and did IVF in Sept. of 2004 and had a beautiful baby boy in June 2005. It was an experience and I will tell any couple that it is all worth it. We attempted a second implantation by doing FET and sure enough we are pregnant again with a due date of July 2006.

I would like to tell any couple that at first the idea of a test tube baby is frightening but after all of your efforts and financial hardship, that sweet, precious baby in your arms is well worth it. Good luck to all and god bless you for making the decision that works for you.

Angela Keating, United States