Success Story: In Search Of A Miracle

At age 19, I became pregnant and had a miscarriage, and at the age of 21, I miscarried again (ectopic pregnancy). From my young tender age of 19 to my older age of now 43, I have yet to have a valid pregnancy. Throughout my life I have had several etopic pregnancies. Now I have no fallopian tubes (right nor left). I was told that the only chance we have is with IVF. My problem is that within my area (Mia. Fla) it's very expensive, and the other issue is my age (43).

Both of my tubes were removed due to etopic pregnancies. We are willing to travel a bit for a good chance of getting pregnant. We are willing to try. We need words of encouragement, hope, and reference since we live in Florida.

Dee, United States