Success Story: If We Had Given Up!

Rather than a story i'll give a quick descript testimonial to having faith!!

I have suffered through 9 miscarriages and 2 ectopic pregnancies over the last 15 years. Each time no one would treat me or help me have a successful pregnancy since I live on an island in maine where there really aren't any resources for infertility and travel is just so long expensive and troublesome.

When my hubby and I received the news this time that I was pregnant we were so desensitized that we were waiting for that perverbial shoe to drop until about 3 weeks ago!

I am now 17 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing so great! I keep track of the little bugger with a handheld fetal doppler and get routine ultrasounds done.

This truly is a success and miracle since all of this happened without ANY medical intervention whatsoevever!

I'd like to take a moment and remind all the ladies and the men that if you have the resources use them! If you don't... don't give up, NEVER GIVE UP!

Baby Dust and Prayers to all!

Heidi Greenlaw-Bray, United States