Success Story: ICSI

I dated my now husband for 5 years. Being strong christians, we decided to wait to be intimate until our wedding night. After the wedding we got started trying to expand our family (I have 2 daughters from a previous marriage). 6 months went by and nothing. I was ovulating but no pregnancy.

We decided to go for testing and found out my husband had 100% antibodies on his sperm. Our hopes of having a baby naturally failed. We decided to go ahead with invitro, icsi was our only option. The transfer date was Oct 5 2004. 10 days later I had a positive pregnancy test. 2 weeks after the positive test I found my father in law deceased in our garage. He fell and hit his head putting up insulation. He was not only my world but so many others. His death was a real tragedy. This would have been his first grandchild, and he was so excited to find out we were expecting.

The day of the funeral we buried the picture of our embryo with his grandfather in the casket that was given to us the day of the transfer, as my father in law loved that pic we wanted him to always be close to his grandchild. On june 5 2005 my son was born. It was the only time joy had entered my family. He is now 10 months old, and looks just like his grandpa, not to mention having his grand fathers charm. I believe my father in laws spirit lives on through my son.

We are now going the beginning of may for a frozen transfer and pray that God will bless us again. We have a special angel watching over us, so we know everything will be ok wether it works again or not. We have our son and thats the joy of our lives.

kim, Canada