Success Story: I Understand Elizabeth

I completely understand how you feel. I too can not stand the heartache anymore of seeing every one else around me poping up pregnant and I can't. Especially because I have had a child in the past, she will be 7yrs in May. My husband and I have been together for going on 6yrs (4yrs married) and have yet to concieve a child. He was previously married for 6yrs and never had children. We went to a fertility specialist to find bad news and good news that we would have to undergo IVF with micro-injection (injecting sperm into egg) to overcome the problem of antibodies surounding over 80% of his sperm. We went through our first cycle in Jan. We were happy and hopeful when we found out 2wks after transfer that I was pregnant, only to be dissapointed and distraught two days later when my HCG levels were decreasing. We had hoped that it only meant that one embryo had miscarried, but 2 more days later we discovered the heart breaking news that I would miscarry in a few days(3days later to be exact). I was tested and discovered the shatering news that I have a blood clotting problem and have to begin taking Lovenox (blood thinner) for this next cycle. I only hope this works because yes this is an expensive process and I now feel guilty because my husband thought it was him the whole time and couldn't believe that a woman's body could change over time. My aunt and uncle also tried artificial insemination 3x and IVF 2x, only one of which worked only to end in m/c at 3mo. (they were in an older age bracket). If you have the means to try, I pray for the best of luck to you. If anyone has had similar issues as myself please let me know how your outcome was. I'm skeptical of the Lovenox helping. Prissela

Prissela, United States