Success Story: I HAVE FAITH IN GOD

Hello to all I am mew here.

I have a ton of prob. in 1997 i had 16 fobroids tomors removed an haluluah, still have my uterus.

But my left tube an ovary wad damage it was removed. In 2002 got prg with this one tube an ovary. I went thruogh one mis I delivered a baby girl she died half hour later. That happened in 1998.

In 2002 my doctor said I have incomp cervix, so I got a cerclage a 16 weeks at 21 week I went into preterm labor an delivered another baby girl and she died 24 min later. Her name was Angel.

Now I am happlily married an trying again to concieve. It has been difficult beause of my age 41, dh 43 . And my uterus is enlarged from fibr.

I still have faith I will get preg an have healthy baby girl. I'am going to have HSG done on 20th Nov And going for semen Analyisis. Please Pray For us.

lyvonda holmes, United States