Success Story: Hope

Im 34 ttc 6 yrs, had ectopic preg 2005 hence my right tube has been removed, had clomid and puregon last 2007 no results was recommended to have ivf, since hormone made me so labile, i tried natural pro- creative, yoga, medicinal herbs, healthy diet. had laparoscopy this year 2008 showed i have endometriosis and bilateral cysyts, hsg result was not favorable showed i have hydrosalphinx, means to say i could not conceive naturally.. so my hubby and i decided.. we'll go ahead with ivf, unfortunately it has to be discussed with my doctor as the fluid in my tube might interfere with embryo transfer they want clipping of my left tube.. im waiting for appointment this nov 24.. please god.. help us to get through it all.. i've been in tears all the time and always trying to put on a brave face to everyone.. though my heart is already shattered in pieces. im keeping the faith!

kline, Ireland