Success Story: Holding On To Hope

I am 36 yrs. been married for 7 yrs now and been tyring to conceive for 2 and a half years now. I first had a miscarriage at 14 weeks and then could not easily conceive thereafter. A good ob/gyn put me on clomid and I conceived after a 3rd round. unfortunately I miscarried at 6 weeks then. unfortunately my good doctor I used to see left for the USA. Last year a different doctor I saw did an HSG, but said could not put me on clomid because my DH has a poor semen quality, about 30% motile. I took clomid without prescription and conceived on a 2nd cycle but had a miscarriage. My Doctor wants to wait until my hubby's sperm quality is good. Can someone please help? Can I do another HSG? Will it improve my chance of conceiving? I have a very strong temptation of taking another round of clomid without prescription from the doctor since he is waiting. He does not seem to understand how desperate I am. I am a christian and really have hope that God is trying to teach me to depend on Him. Zev - Zambia

Zev, Zambia