Success Story: Happy At Last

My partner and I have been together for nearly four years. Prior to this we both were in long term relationships which resulted in unhappy childless marriages. My partner's ex had spoken to me about her hard time dealing with their misfortune, and informed me that they had seeked medical advice and that the results were male infertility. At the time, I was too deep in love to ever consider leaving my darling and just brushed off her concerns and continued to enjoy what I was blessed with. A couple of years later, we felt as though something was still missing in our lives and we decided to seek help ourselves. Our first test was to be a sperm count which to our, well my disbelief, proved that she was right-- the test showed no sperm. So I instantly thought we had no choice but to give up the idea of ever being a mummy and daddy. A few months past and I suggested other options. I'm just so happy we were on the same page. We thought of adoption and also a donor. He knew I always wanted to be able to carry my own baby, so we wrote out a possible donor list. We really only had two people in mind which were both good friends of ours, and had my darling's attributes. We sat down and wrote an emotional letter to our most likely candidate and his wife. To our surprise, we recieved a phone call from them even offering to give us a baby if that's what we wanted, so we were happy. But we just wanted their sperm lol. So for the next year we would wait till I was ovulating and pay them a visit which wasn't easy cause we lived in separate towns. And we didnt sleep together. They would give us a sample and we would use a syringe vaginally, in case you were wondering. Amazingly, we still had no joy. Then we recieved a letter from the fertility clinic telling us that we qualified for government funded IVF. We still didn't know what to think but went to our appointment anyway. The head doctor spoke to us about our so far misfortune, and told us he wasn't convinced that there is no sperm. So by now we were given more hope. My darling was scheduled for a minor procedure, where they sedate you and in order to take a sample of the lining of the scrotum, which came back positive. So we're done all the IVF treatment and yesterday were informed that we are finally pregnant WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! So far our prayers have been answered and at the moment couldn't be any happier. Our advice is don't give up on your dreams and God bless you all!

Excited parents ( to be ), New Zealand