Success Story: Happiness Vs Disappointment

This is probably different, coming from the guy's view. This is our first time with IVF (1st child). My wife had a hard time with the needles at first, then she got better. She went through a lot of emotional days.

It's normal to initially feel as if something is wrong with you and you're being punished. But, whatever the issue(s) that resulted in you choosing IVF doesn't make you less of a woman or man. If you come to grips with that, it'll be much easier.

Today (9-27-07), the fertilized eggs were implanted in my wife. She started with 14 eggs, 11 were fertilized, 7 were pretty good, and they implanted 4. Now we wait 8-10 days to see if they take. My only concern is how my wife will feel if this doesn't take. We paid for 2 chances, but I don't know how she'll be if 1st and 2nd time don't work.

The biggest risk is opening yourself to disappointment. Regardless what happens, God is still good. Don't be discouraged; just ask that His will be done. I believe the goods out weigh the bads and I would do it again. Part of being a parent is sacrificing physically and emotionally for your child. If the process is not positive, we can say we sacrificed for the possibility of a child. Prior to IVF, our attempt ended after the doctor's determination. It's been nice to be given the opportunity to have a child.

Husband, United States