Success Story: Gonal-F Gave Me Hope

When DH and I decided to TTC a few years ago, never did I think we would go through so much to get to where we are. Now mind you, my IF journey was short, so I am very thankful. But the pain and uncertainty that shrouded us with fears and unanswered questions for the time that we were ttc-ing certainly was not fun!

DH had low motility and low sperm count and had to undergo an operation. We had to wait months to get results to see if the counts were rising, which, thankfully they were. But we were still worried that with my one blocked fallopian tube, our age and the low motility factors, was that enough to let us get pregnant on our own? It was doubtful.

We started visiitng a clinic in Toronto, Ontario at the beginning of the summer and our RE suggested we try only 3 iui's on 1050 Gonal-F before proceding to IVF. Our first IUI in August went well but ended in a negative, which completely devastated me. I had my second IUI in September and I could not believe it when I finally got the BFP I had been waiting for.

Gonal-F, to me, was a miracle drug and helped to significantly boost our chances. I feel so lucky that I only had to endure 2 rounds of IUI and my only wish is that anyone dealing with infertility will get the answers they deserve, and the results they desire. Good Luck to everyone!

baby4us, Canada