Success Story: Gonal F And IUI 1'st Round Success

Hi all, I had PCOS and my follicles never grew more than 10mm. My gyno reffered to RE. he put me on Clomid, which did not work for me, then moved on to Gonal F injectibles and took 900iu pen for 13 days. I had 1 mature follicle, which was 21mm and got a HCG trigger shot and IUI 24 hrs after the shot. After 12 days passed, I took HPT and got +. I got my blood work done on 15 days past iui and got positive. First round worked for me... I never lost hope and was always positive... so never give up even 1 good follicle can make u preg... Good luck to all TTC.

neha, United States