Success Story: Getting Ready For My Second IUI Attempt

I found a national reproductive center, which is very expensive and I have to pay all of it out of pocket. I am 36 years old and waited two years before seeing a fertility specialist (big mistake!). I was scared of going and kept praying that I would get pregnant on my own and with the help of a fertility monitor (fat chance!).

So, I finally went and my doctor suggested fertility injections and IUI. All of the tests showed there was nothing wrong with my husband or I. So we have unexplained infertility, I guess.

The IUI procedure wasn't bad at all; it was painless. I was scared for nothing! The injections were a lot harder, but I got used to it by the 3rd day. My husband gave me the injections and I highly suggest that you find someone you trust to give you the injection rather than doing it yourself, especially if you are afraid of needles. The needle isn't that big and doesn't really hurt that much, it's just like a quick pinch.

The thing that upset me was that nobody at the clinic told me that a side effect of the fertility drugs is developing large cysts on your ovaries. This will prevent you from continuing any further treatments until the cysts have gone away either naturally or with the help of birth control. I wanted the quickest remedy so they suggested I go on birth control for one month and I did. Tomorrow, I will have an ultrasound to make sure the cysts are gone and then have another round of hormone injections for about 7 days and then two IUI procedures back-to-back.

Another thing that bothered me about the clinic was that when I spoke with my doctor at the initial consultation after she reviewed my background history and age, she said that we would try IUI for 3-4 cycles. However, after the first failed IUI attempt, and when she found large cysts on my ovaries, she asked me if I wanted to try IVF next time. I was shocked and kind of upset because I thought we were going to try IUI for at least two more times. Then I started thinking maybe she wanted to do IVF because it is more expensive and that bothered me.

I had a first good impression of my doctor but after her comments I didn't feel that way, especially the way she broke the news about the ovarian cysts to me without any prior warnings. I started wondering if perhaps I should start looking for another doctor, but what if I am just overreacting? So, I am not sure what to do now. I will continue with my treatments, but I wish I could get a second opinion from another specialist but then I will have to pay for another consultation and maybe it's just better to stick to one doctor and not waste time. This is where I am at now and hoping for success with the second IUI, wish me luck!!

Dawn M.P., United States