Success Story: From No Chance To Two Joys

I would just like to share the fact that I was told almost 2 years ago that I had a 1% chance of falling pregnant as I suffered with endometriosis. We tried everything, went the fertility route, and eventually did IVF. They put back two eggs, giving us a 40% chance that only 1 egg would take and that we would be pregnant.

Ten days later, we went for the blood test and it was positive! We were pregnant after trying for five years. Our first scan came along a few days later, and we discovered that both eggs had taken and that we were not only pregnant, but with twins!

At 13 weeks I started bleeding quite badly, I was hospitalized for 5 days, and was told that there was a good chance I could lose not just one baby but both! The placenta was lying very low on the cervix, which had caused a blood clot. Cut a long story short, I'm now in my 29th week, still pregnant with both my twin boys...

For those couples out there that are trying, keep trying. Do everything you possibly can, as it is the most amazing thing to be pregnant and share your life with this little bundle of joy inside you. My husband and I are both extremely excited and can't wait till they are born. My expected cesarean date will be the 4/11/2005, so I will be going off work shortly, as I need all the rest I can possibly get before they are born.

Leigh Le Riche, South Africa