Success Story: First Time IUI Workedon PCOS Woman! VERY LONG

My name is Faith and I am 31. I was married to the love of my life on Oct 27th 2007. He and I have been living together for about ten years. In that time I had been diagnosed with Dibetes PCOS hypertension and a thyroid condition. WHEW!! I was young to have so many problems with my body. I never menstruated and if I did it was rare at best and lasted between 8-14 days.Unless of course I induced it with Provara. My husband and I never used protection leaving it up to god and the knowledge that I was "Broken". Not long after the wedding I started actively seeking to conceive. I was in absolute belief that I would never have a baby. Convinced I could not function as a normal woman. But not giving up I went to a specialist my OBGYN suggested despite that our insurance did not cover any infertility. What happened was a miracle. they charged our insurance like they would for a gyno exam and I began seeing the Dr. they tried me on CLomid and it had no results. My metforman was adjusted and readjusted and my sugar came into perfect control. she thought that may be playing a large factor in why it did not work either time at all. Then my Dr. signed us up for the injection classes. OMG needles. I had always said if my sugar got bad enough I would have to die because I could not take a needle every day,.. funny the things you will do when you are desperate. After taking the class however we were informed of the price.. 2000 for the shots... MY GOD.. we couldnt afford that. however she told us some woman when they have unused packages left of the medication donate them and she gave us our first month of injections free. WHat a blessing what a awsome gift that was... But then we found out how much the IUI was going to cost... 3000.. CRAP... the billing manager managed to fix it up and look like a PCOS procedure and it only cost us $350 dollars. Once again a Blessing... From a few things I have read because of the pcos the fact only one follical developed my chances were very slim one web page gave me a 6% shot of it working... but I prayed and I wished and I thought happy thoughts at my tummy.. the friday night before we had to go in on the sunday we had to have the pharmacist deliver one last shot of something else I forget the name of it and then we would not take the other injection the next night .. and sunday was the big day.We went in early on that sunday morning and the entire procedure not includeing the wait while they cleaned my husbands swimmers took only moments.. I was told to lay back listen to three songs and then I could go .. the two week wait before the pregnancy test was the longest I have ever endured. The start of the second week I was stressed and tired.. bone tired getting up in the morning was a chore and I was starting to feel sick my chest was killing me to the touch. My depression could not have been worse these were my period symptoms. I assumed I was about to be visited by my very rare menstruation.. that kind of made sense to me considering all the hormones we pumped into my body. The day of my blood test arrived and I went into it with a heavy heart but desperate to know one way or another... I had called to try and come in a few days earl but I was told I may have a false positive if I did. after they drew my blood they said they would call me by 2 pm... it was only 8 am now.... OMG I had to wait MORE!!! I went home feeling so tired I could not stay awake another moment and crashed with in seconds after walking threw my door. not more then 2 and a half hours later my sleep was disturbed by the answering machine going off. I couldnt hear what was said as it was in the other room so I got up and walked into my living room to see my husband sitting with a almost frozen expression. WHO was that I asked him and he did not respond so I hit the button and to my shock and uncontrollable joy I heard what I truly never thought I would. Congratulations your test was positive! we will see you on tuesday for a confirmation test. that 2 was positive. I am now almost 3 weeks pregnant and I cry all the time from the joy of it. Had I not believed in a GOD before I would have now. at every turn somone had helped us out given us and supported us. Truly my blessings were answerd. I am not a overly religious woman I am kind of a punk rock girl purple and cherry red hair piercings in my nose and lip... not what most would see as the MOMMY type. But prayer and hope and desire can conquer all things.. PCOS dibeties hypertension and faulty plumbing. SO if you are scared and you dont think it can happen... think of me and then pray!

Faith, United States