Success Story: Don't Give Up.

In the middle of November of 05, I started taking Ovulex. In December my period did not show, and I found out I was pregnant on January 2, 2006. I made an appointment at a clinic and it was set for January 12, 2006. Well, on Jan 7, 06 I lost the baby. I had an ectopic pregnancy and my left tube was removed. Now we are considering IVF because it should be extra hard to conceive-- and it has, we have been trying ever since. At first, I thought it was the Ovulex but I knew people who had experienced ectopic pregnancies and were not on Ovulex. I guess it was just one of those things that happened. I am not trying to discourage anyone from using it because I know that it helped me to conceive. Also, a good friend of mine conceived and has a beautiful baby boy.

Catherine LeBlanc, United States