A 43 year old woman with FSH of 15 has banked 66 quality embryos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there are more stories. And egg and embryo quality IMPROVE! Now let me start by saying I don't have a baby yet. But the miracle begins by the simple fact that we've been told by two of the very best that our only hope is egg donor. And it seems from these sites that ALOT of women are being told that. I've cried - alot - but tried 3 cycles anyway. The first two bomb, the third we got 4 eggs, 1 decent embryo, but no PPT. And along the way I burried myself in research. I figure motivation and good research experience has got to count for something. Besides - we have GOOGLE! Last ditch effort after those 3 tries was another opinion which gave fatal chance prognosis and even would only take us if we were willing to use donor eggs! But you see - I really really like my genes! Then - last research effort -DHEA. I typed in DHEA and IVF to google. Very first link it gave me was like taking a walk on the reproductive street to gold. Suggestion: 1. see your doctor for a blood tests on edrenal gland function (DHEA, DHEA-SO4 especially). DHEA is the cornerstones to all sex hormones. 2. get a perscription for high quality DHEA (rather than over the counter even though this has good results too) 3. get your blood workup done monthly for 4 months on the same cycle day (probably day 3) 4. WAIT to do IVF for 4 MONTHS to be sure you get the most bang for your buck. That's the earliest that really great results will occur. Some see small gains earlier and if you're rich - go for it. This above is what I am doing. Because of the IVF cost - I'm definitely waiting at least 4 - 6 months to make sure we're successful. One woman did this and all of her sex hormones returned to normal and after 6 months on DHEA her first IVF cycle was successful. Bring this info to your doctor and watch him/her reach the case study. I did this - and it was thoroughly enjoyable to see the look on their face. Good luck ladies! :) Anita

Anita Beckmann, United States