Success Story: Clomid Worked For Me.

Hi. I got pregnant on my own after a yr of trying but lost it at 7wks. I was going through a lot of grief with my dad dying. After another yr of trying and still very irregular periods, I went to the doc who put me on clomid to help regulat me amongst other things. After three months of being on clomid and having an app for the infertility clinic, I fell pregnant with my little boy, now three and a half. When he turned two, we decided to try again for another little miracle. After trying for another yr, went back on the clomid for just over a yr and nothing happened. Your body gets used to it. Think you are only meant to be on it for three motnhs at a time. We then went to the infertility clinic where I had a liquid put up inside of me to see if my tubes were blocked (very painful). One of them looked blocked, so I then went ofr a laparoscopy to check for sure and all was ok. Nothing wrong with me or my husband, was told that IVF too expensive and was more or less shown the hosp door. After another couple of months and nothing, I went back to my doctor and asked if I could please try clomid again. There was a tiny flicker of light at the end of the tunnel as she gave me some (another 3 month supply) and guess what? After being on the clomid for two months, I fell pregnant again. I am now 3 months and waiting for my scan and praying everything ok. So that's twice on clomid I have fallen pregnant - the first time after 3 months and the second after 2 months.

sharron, United Kingdom