Success Story: Christmas Miracle

My wife, Maryann, and I have been tryng to get pregnant for five years with no results until we were recomended to see a fertillity clinic. We tried fertillity medicine and insemination and still no pregnancy. The doctor recomended a laparascopy (I hope that is the right spelling) and found some tissue in her tubes.

We tried insemination again; this time we suffered a tubal pregnancy. It was heart breaking. We tried three times and all were ectopic pregnancies, the last was almost life treatining to my wife.

We almost gave up, but Maryann was determined to be a mother and never gave up. We did IVF and found out we were pregnant with twins on Dec. 28 (our anniversary). We saw our fist sonogram; we are still a little nervous, maybe because of past experiences, but the doctor said everything looks good! We are on our 8th week.

estuardo mancilla, United States