Success Story: A Promise From God

God bless anyone who's reading this. My story begins with 3 miscarriages and not knowing why. All my life i had trusted in gods word and had believed down deep in my soul that i would someday get pregnant again with a healthy fetus. Due to a very special friend of mine who was at the time already going through the fertility program in our local city, invited me to go to one of her visits and just ask if they took my husband's insurance which i was not currently on, and they said yes. So i called ASAP to get added to his insurance with in one week i had an appt. with her DR. which is a professor at UAB / Birmingham and the ball started rolling really fast. So to make a long story short we did our first IUI on OCT. 30th and we are by the grace & mercy of GOD pregnant and our due date is August 6 2007 so please remember us when you pray.!! God said if you ask and believe he will give you the desires of your heart , AND I BELIEVED WILL YOU May GOD Bless you ALways Lisa & Mark

Lisa, United States