Success Story: 5 Times IVF, Pregnant Finally

Am 37yrs old. Am now 4 weeks pregnant after Trying IVF the 5th time. I started treatment in March 2008. Tried in April, Jun, Aug and Jan09 but failed. In Jul09 I went in for my last chance (my last frozen embs)and thus you can imagine, i gave it my all. I prayed, wept, and shared prayer request with all. I had hope that one day God would give me the Honor of carrying a Baby in my womb. The Dr says it is definitely multiple. I do a scan in 4 weeks to confirm. Dont give up sisters, keep trying and your turn will come. When you are emotionally done, take a break then try again. Am eagerly awaiting my Bundle of Joy. Lilian

Lilian Okomba, Kenya