Success Story: 4th IVF Trial

I am 38 years old and this is my 4th IVF cycle. On my 3rd IVF attempt, the embryo did implant but my HCG level was low from the start. As a result, I miscarried. During my 4th IVF cycle, including 6 days of microdose lupron, menopur and follistim, my body only produced four follicles (4 eggs). At that point, my doctor advised me to think about canceling the cycle. The doctors usually suggest canceling patients with follicles measuring 18mm and others that are less than 14mm. Although I did not want to cancel, my husband and I had to make a financial decision. We exhausted our "3" chances with my health insurance and this was the 4th time around - we had to pay out of pocket, so we canceled. We decided that we need to maximize our chances with more eggs to fertilize. I will try again in the next two months. I am not ready to give up!

Nicole Whiby-Powe, United States