Success Story: 3rd Attempt And Waiting

My husband and I have been trying for over 2 years now. We tried clomid, injecteables.. IUI's I even had a laprosopy to see if I had endometrios which I had a very MILD case. After trying all that... We decided to go to IVF.

We started the process in October and the 1st attempt was a failure. We were able to freeze 1 embroyo only so after the faield IVF my Doctor said "lets transfer the frozen with no drugs and see what happens" Nothing.

So after the Holidays we decided to give it another chance. Everything went great I reacted so well to meds this time we retrieved so many eggs. We transfered 2 on day 5. I really wanted to transfer 3 but Doctors said my embroys were so great that the risk was to high for triplets.

I am now waiting ... The pregnancy test is Monday. Should I be feeling something already?? The transfer was Thursday. I am praying so hard. I feel so anxious and alone.

Emily, United States