Success Story: 2 Short Years

I am 34, my husband is 37. We are happily married with one beautiful son (19 months) and ready to add to our family.

We were ready to start our family after a year and a half of marriage. We tried naturally for about 6 months and were unsuccessful. I knew something was wrong... I mean, this isn't rocket science! So, I made an appt with a reputable fertility clinic and we went through several tests. Everything was normal for me, but my husband had a less than desirable sperm count. Due to a chronic condition he has been managing for 20 years, his body temp is slightly higher than normal so his sperm survival rate is compromised. So, we proceeded with IUI/Clomid.

First try with sperm washing and IUI...BAM! We were pregnant and had Ryan 9 months later (May '06). We both work full time with busy schedules and very little family around to help out so we have had a whirlwind year. We're now ready to give Ryan a sibling so we returned to our fertility specialist for a consultation. Nothing had changed in 19 months so he was confident we would be successful again with the same procedure. I had my blood drawn for baseline levels once my menstrual cycle began and we took it from there. To the surprise of my doctor and myself, my FSH was a 13 on Day 3. I did a Clomid Challenge test and on Day 10 it was a 26! I was in disbelief. Just 2 short years ago my FSH was a 9. How can this happen?

Fortunately for me, my fertility doctor wasn't ready to accept defeat so we had a second consultation and discussed the next step... gonadotropin therapy. I administered injections (Lepori) to myself every night for 9 nights and triggered on the 10th. I could not believe this was happening. No family history of any fertility issues -- twins in my family, successful tubal reversals... we are a fertile family. I just had my scheduled pregnancy test this morning (home pregnancy tests are unreliable due to the hormones in the system possibly resulting in a false positive) and it is negative.

How 2 years can significantly affect fertility just astonishes me. My husband and I are going to give it another try. I find it very difficult to turn my back on the possibility of a having a child if I am given the chance. At the same time, I feel like I should focus on my precious boy.

I would like to emphasize to anyone reading this to be aggressive in family planning. If you even think you want to get pregnant, start right away. I confess that I regret waiting so long to conceive for the second after needing fertility assistance. I should have tried sooner. I have been reading this site recently for some strength and encouragement, and I am comforted in knowing that I am not alone.

Thank you.

Diana, United States