Success Story: 2 Ivf's 1 Failed And Lost 2nd One Trying For #3

I have a daughter that is 21, and I am remarried and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while... my Re told us my fsh was 25, he said that we should considered donor eggs, so we did and 1st cycle failed on fresh eggs, 2nd cycle took we were pregnant!!!! We lost our daughter at 20 weeks. My water broke at 13 wks. We were able to have 2 frozen eggs left, so we are going back on Feb 26th to do our last transfer hopefully it works, even with donor eggs I think of any child that I am able to carry is beautiful and a part of me and anyone who donates their eggs for people like us are God's blessing and I will always keep them in my prayers. God bless everyone who is going through these hard times keep praying and have faith.

lori, United States