Success Story: 2 Chlomid Cycles And 4 IUI's Later

We have been TTC for over 2 years. I have endometriosis (laporoscopy July 2007). Six months ago we met our RE and have been undergoing infertility treatments- chlomid cycles (4), IUI's (4)- two with injectable medication. Last month, we decided to take a break from the infertility frustration and endless doctor visits. We set a date to revisit IVF, a few months down the line (waiting for new insurance). Lo and behold, my period was late this month. I didn't think much of it until almost four days have passed. This morning, I took a pregnancy test and it showed a BFP. I took another one, and there it was again- BFP. I went into the doctor's office and took a bloodtest. The nurse called and reported that I am pregnant with "great HCG and progesterone levels" - all without Gonal F, IUI's, supplements, etc. It can happen to us after endless trying and frustration. I wanted to share our joyful story.

Shocked in NB, United States