Success Story: 1st Visit

I'm 36 years old and have decided that I now want a child. I knew it was a slim to none chance that I could get pregnant since I had been previously married and we had tried for 5 years. So I ran it past my now partner of 3 years and surprisingly he was all for it. We had our 1st visit with our fertility doctor and he sounded very hopeful. I have 2 small fibroids and he wants me to loose 20 lbs, but these should not affect anything. I think he's leaning toward IVF......and boy am I nervous. I think he's leaning for being pregnant early 2008. After all these years of hoping and praying, the idea that it can all be possible is overwhelming. Im soooo scared and yet so excited. I almost cried in the doctor's office. So I wish all those who are trying much luck and sucess. To those who are expecting.....see you soon in Baby Depot! God Bless you and your families. Wish us luck!!!

April, United States