Success Story: 1st IVF Successful, Trying For #2

Four years ago my husband and I (then 32 and 26) got pregnant on our first IVF w/ICSI attempt. I don't ovulate the best and my husband's sperm form is not the greatest. Our son is now 3 years old and we can finally afford to try again.

We had 8 embryos initially, and they transferred the two best. We have 6 embryos frozen for future attempts.

On February 22 we will transfer the next 2 embryos. I am currently taking Lupron shots and will start estrogen patches tomorrow.

My advice...never give up. There's nothing wrong getting a second opinion. Our first reproductive endocrinologist - not so great in the "bedside" manner aspect. Second opinion told us that we would have to do the same thing, but with a TOTALLY different bedside manner.

Good luck and you are not alone!

Jocelyn, United States