Success Story: 1st IVF - Waiting In Anticipation

My wonderful husband and I tried for almost 5 years, to no avail. We got tested for everything and are "unexplained." We are both 33. We decided to bypass IUI and go straight to IVF. Our RE suggested that we do ICSI as well. At this point, we would do anything suggested!

I was terrified of having to have injections, but when all is said and done, they were not bad at all. The lupron, follistim, and menopur are administered with tiny 1/2" needles. The progesterone in oil is a tougher shot, but icing the area for 20 min beforehand takes away almost any pain.... Trust me, if this scaredy cat can handle it, anybody can!

We had 2 embryos transfered on day 5 (I believe at least 1 was considered blastocyst, but maybe both were). They were able to cryopreserve 3 of the remaining nine embryos. Even though we were told that that is really good, we still grieved the other 6 that didn't make it. The first few days after the transfer, I was crampy, tired, and my breasts hurt. Now it has been a full week and I don't really feel anything. My breasts are a little tender and I have had awful night sweats, but I think that is just from the hormones. I sort of feel like I have PMS symptoms.

Well, I have one more week to wait for the test. I am extremely nervous and anxious. I am trying to say positive, but I keep thinking if I were pregnant I would feel something - what that is - I don't know!! My husband has been amazing, and I am sure I am making him crazy. I really hope we get a positive result... If not, we'll go through the emotions, take a month off, and try again.... There are so many success stories of people who've had to try more than once! My prayers are with you all - wishing you the best through this journey.

Nervous Nelly, United States