Success Story: 1st IVF... Pray For Us

My husband and I have been married for 3 years now and trying for the past 2 years. I already had one miscarriage resulting from a blighted ovum in week 7, and doctors told me there is nothing wrong with me since I fell pregnant naturally the 1st time. Then we started trying and nothing was coming along, we did 2 IUIs and nothing, and now have decided to do IVF. We are in the process right now, I have been injecting myself with hormones and I have a 3rd ultrasound tomorrow, then the retrieval must be done in 2 weeks time... We are both 35 and all results came out very positive and that there is nothing wrong with us... We're really hoping for it to work this time, it is our first IVF and hoping to be the last, chances are 40% so let us pray for the 60% left :) Pray for us, and we know that ony HE will decide when we will conceive, wish us luck. Thank you

Loulou, United Arab Emirates