Success Story: 1st IUI Waiting And Hoping

Hello my name is Rachel. I have read soo many stories on here and other sites. I am a single woman who thought I would meet my Mr. Right get married and have a family. Well life really didnt work out that way. After a 6 year relationship and ttc with no success and now single I turned to IUI to help my dream of being a mom come true. I have been told that there is no reason i can't get pregnant yet it has never happened. I am now 31 just had endo removed a few months back and that's when my Dr told me if i wanted children i needed to start trying, which is near impossible as a single woman. He said my endo was minimal nothing to worry about it was not on my cervix or uterus. My tubes were good as well as my ovaries. With the go ahead from my Dr I have started my journey. I had my first IUI done this past saturday turns out I have a hooked cervix, it was a little uncomfortable having the IUI as they had to use other instraments to get the cath into my uterus. I had some cramps for a few days after along with some spotting which they said would be normal. I hope and pray that the good Lord will bless my life even more with the gift of a child. I want this so badly I know the chances of success for the first try are slim but hope that I will be one of those who makes up the percentage who are successful on their first try. I hope if this does not work this time they will give me some kind of fertility meds to give me a greater chance of success. I think the 2ww is really hard, I am trying to not think about it but how can i not. Please say a prayer as I will for all those experiencing the same. I hope I will be able to take a test in 10 days now and get back on here able to say i was successful. Wishing the best for all who are ttc.

Rachel, United States