The Home Study Process

The adoption process can often be quite time-consuming and detailed, and many couples find it very frustrating to get through. Of particular concern to most adoptive parents is the adoption home study, which is one of the most integral parts of the adoption procedure. In order to complete a domestic adoption or an international adoption, you and your partner must first successfully complete your home study. This can be a very nerve wracking experience for adoptive couples but, rest assured, the home study is not all that bad. This article will explain the purpose of an adoption home study and will give you some insight on how it is performed.


What is an Adoption Home Study?

If you are thinking about adopting, then undoubtedly you are already familiar with the home study. A home study is actually a written report that is compiled by a licensed social worker. It summarizes details about your personal and family history, your job and educational background, and your parenting skills and home environment. The home study is used to help your adoption agency and the adoption courts to determine your suitability as an adoptive parent.

How is the Home Study Conducted?
A homestudy is typically conducted as a series of interviews. Your social worker will interview both you and your partner several times in order to discuss information about your background, your thoughts on adoption, and what type of child you might be best suited for. Some of these interviews will take place at your adoption agency while others will take place in your own home. Home interviews give your social worker the chance to evaluate the suitability of your home and your daily routine. Your social worker will also conduct interviews with any children that you may already have.

How Long Does a Home Study Take?
A typical home study for adoption usually takes between three and six months to complete, though this depends upon the type of adoption that you are pursuing and your social worker’s existing case load. Home studies performed with private agency adoptions (including closed and open adoptions) can typically be completed much more quickly.


What Does a Home Study Include?

In order to complete a home study, you and your partner will need to provide a variety of documents and personal information. Every agency requires different information, so your home study may vary from those conducted by other institutions. However, most home studies include the following facets:

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2. The Home Study Process
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