Single Parent Adoption

Single parenthood has changed drastically from the dated stereotypical image of an uneducated, unwed, poverty-stricken, alone young woman. Many of today's single parents are well-educated, financially stable and successful. They're choosing to become parents through the adoption process and adoption agencies are more receptive to singles wanting to adopt. They're more willing to adopt a child to a single-parent home than they were just 30 years ago.

Although most individuals who choose single parenthood still tend to be women, single parents by choice can be either men or women.

Why Singles Choose Adoption

Singles pursue adoption for the same reasons as married couples. They have the desire to love and care for their own child. Sometimes the men or women choosing adoption are not single by choice. And they may feel that they should not have to wait for a partner that may never come before parenting a child.

Making an Informed Choice

If are single and would like to become a parent through adoption, you need to carefully examine why you want to take this route to parenthood and if you're willing and prepared to make the necessary sacrifices.

The process of adoption can be long, arduous and expensive. You will be closely examined for suitability and may have to go through expensive application procedures. It may be some time before a child is placed with you. You need to be prepared for this and have the emotional and financial resources to handle this stressful time without a parenting partner.


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