When The Time Is Right..

I am 34 (almost 35) and my husband is 41 years old. We have been trying to conceive for over 6 years now. We have been together for 15 years and married for almost 7. We have "Unexplained Infertility". So far our journey has taken us through a lap surgery, to remove a tiny bit of endometrosis, a dye test to make sure my tubes are open (which they are), a myomectomy to remove a huge uterine fibroid that apparently was not effecting our fertility, just really really painful periods, a second dye test (tubes still open) and 3 failed COH Cycles (controlled ovarian hyperstimulation). I had great response to all 3 cycles....lots and lost of eggs, hubby's sperm was great, just no luck. We have done every blood test known to man, had acupuncture therapy, took Ovulex for 3 months (hoping it was our miracle drug) and nothing. When I was 21, we did get pregnant, but I felt I was too young and not ready to be a mom. We thought that when the time came, when we were ready, it would happen as easily as our "mistake" happened. Boy were we wrong. I guess hind site is 20 - 20. If we'd had only known then that this might be our only chance to have a family, things would have been ALOT different. So for now, I say my prayers every night and I know in my heart that when the time is right, we will be blessed with a beautiful child. I just need to be patient until then. God Bless, Laura

Laura Lee Stewart