Still Keeping Hope

Well first off id like to say hello and thanks for taking the time to read my story. My story started about 4 years ago when I was 19 I had been with my boyfriend (my husband now) and we were not "trying" to have a baby but neither were we not trying (used no contraceptives) so after a year of unprotected sex I still really thought nothing of it. Well when we turned 21 we decided that we wanted to get married and had the wedding of our dreams and straight after we decided that we now wanted a child. Well 6 months and still nothing a year nothing I couldnt understand were both young and pretty healthy so I seen my obgyn which said she noticed no problems and told us to keep trying well we did and each month it was disappointment after another so we finally went to see an RE we had all the basic test run HSG, Seman Analysis, Day 3s, Thyroid, and all came back normal (except I was border line hypothroidism) so I started on my thyroid meds and felt alot better...... Well we continued to try and try and still nothing. I started to lose hope all of my friends and family started having babies and I wanted to be happy for them but deep down inside I resented them because I couldnt have what they had my parents started asking when I was going to give them a grandchild and I have to constantly lie and say oh I dont want any right now while fighting back the tears. So recently (about 4 months ago) I went to see my OBGYN who did a ultrasound and then told me that I have endometriosis and adenomyosis (he started me on lupron injections) as well as PCOS. He ran no test for the PCOS just from my symptoms so I decided that I wanted a second opinion about the PCOS and figured it was time to go back to my RE from the previous year well we went back and I told him what my obgyn had said about the PCOS and he stated "well I doubt you have PCOS seeing as you have normal periods which means your ovulating so most likely you dont have it" so he then ordered some blood work to be done for thyroid, insulin resistance, am test (for egg reserve) and a couple other test..... Well low and behold I got the results back and I am insulin resistant and my thyroid is a little under active. So now the next move is lapro surgery to clear out the adhesions from the endo and metformin for the PCOS combined with clomid and my RE says my chances are really high after this so im crossin my fingers ill have my BFP really soon. I am now 23 years old I just wanted to share my story to say this: just because your young doesnt mean that you cant be hit wit infertility ive been "trying" for 4 years and im only 23 so just a thought for you ladies out there and baby dust to all and god bless you all!!!!