Still Hopeful

I am 41, last year married the man of my dreams 48. 7 weeks before our wedding I was hospitalized and had surgery to remove 16 fibroids. I thought all was well, when at the 6 month check up, I was told there was a fast growing mass of my bowel, another surgery. Through this we never gave up hope that we would be able to have our family. 2 HSG's, one tube unblocked, numerous "procedures" and blood work, and just as we were to begin IVF, the specialist did a semen sample on my beloved and... no sperm.

Time is not on our side, so now our options are expensive donor egg + donor sperm, cryopreservation, or adoption.

I am looking toward the second and third option, as the chance of success for th first option is very little.

We're still hopefull and seeing a child in our life is in our heart and prayers. Thanks for listening.