Solution Of Immature Eggs In Ivf?

i am 29,my husband 31.we were suffering from un explained infertility for 5 years.we did our first ivf cycle last month(feb 2010).which failed due to all 8 eggs they took out were immature and failed to mature in vitro.i was on an antagonist protocol with rFSH 1650 units and menopur 575 units(puregon 150 units for 11 days with orgalutran for 8 days and menopur 75 for 7 days).On day 12 i was given Pregnyl 10000I.U and on day 14 they collect my 8 immature FSH was 7.5MIU/ml,LH4.3MIU/ml,E2 58.8pmo1/1.Can anyone advice me about immature eggs and i also want to know that my level are good or not?i am suffering from bilateral poly cystic ovaries? any advice will help.