A Rocky Road To Beautiful Twins!

Age 30 we started treatments, unsuccessful after 14 months; I had Lap/Laser surgery with some reconstruction to my RT tube, thereafter, our option was IVF with a 40% chance per the specialist. My husband's count was very normal, but I have endometriosis, scar tissue and Estrodial level problems. My daily injections during the beginning of IVF treatments went to 6 shots daily, I was discouraged, but we had given up prior and were called by the specialist to enter a pharmaceutical study program w/ them and they supplied all financial and pharmaceutical supplies, less $1000.00, we knew that this was a message from the Lord above.

I had 4 embryos fertilized the day I went in for implantation, but only 3 looked healthy, so with my husband and best friend holding my hand and praying aloud during the procedure, all 3 attached to my uterus successfully. Within 7 days only 2 remained, I became worried, but, my children held strong and God's Love and Healing Power are real.

I had problems with sickness and the preterm labor from 3 weeks gestation onward...I made it to 33 weeks gestation, when I was in congestive heart failure and my twins were in trouble with slowing heart rates, because of mine! Well, with Divine Intervenetion and unrelenting Faith...I have 2 beautiful twins, 1 boy: Coley and 1 girl: Kaley, to turn 7 years old on Sept. 28, 2007!!

Hang on ladies to your Faith, even when you are mad at God! I was for a long time. God will take your anger and disappointments and walk you through the process necessary to be successful. After all, "Children are a gift from God." Although, the Lord does leave some women barren, because He states: "Blessed is the Barren Woman, for her children are many." Some may be here to love and care for children, whether it be related children or adoptive children. Either way He chooses for us, He knows what is right and you will be happy, because He loves us and wants us happy and cares very, very much for the desire of our hearts!

God Bless You!

Tonya Sheats