Confused & Scared

Hello All. My experince this past year starting in December of 2008 has been harsh. I didnt know I was expecting, and found out at about 7 weeks, hearing a heart beat and all (so the doctors say it was a heartbeat). Well not long after that appointment I started spotting, which I read in the book (What to expect when expecting) that it can be normal. I called my husband into the bathroom, and as hopeful and positive as he is. He was like dont worry we will be fine, lets go to the docs. Well the that night it was the same light bleeding. That morning It was a little brighter. Thefore I went to the E.R. where there the doctor told me that my cervix was closed and I should bed rest for the next couple of days. I had a feeling something was wrong when he was like how old are you? I said 28. He was like your gonna be fine. My insides were telling me something was wrong. The following day I went back to the ER and there another doctor said the heart beat wasnt a strong one, its at 84 bpm when it should be at like 125 and above, & the shape was alongated, when it shouldnt. So right there I knew it was over. My doctor prescribed monispostrol and I miscarried at home. It was the MOST HORRIBLE feeling EVER!!! Emotional, and Physically. It took a toll on me. Then in March I ended up getting pregnant again. I didnt know All I remember is going to the doctor because I had gotten my mentrual and I didnt not stop bleeding, I was passing lots of clots, but the weird thing is that there was not a lot of cramping or pain. I bled for two weeks and when I went to see the doctor She was like your pregnant. I said no Im not! she said yes you are.. I said well something is not right. So she was scheduling me for an ultrasound for the following day, and she said you know what.. Go to the E.R. and we will take it from there. I went, and at first they thought it was a molar pregnancy. I had not one clue what that was. She scheduled me for a D&C two days later, and sent it for testing. Great News! It was not a molar pregnancy, and she sent it off for genetic testing (where everything came out normal) Well she reffered me to a Hemotologist, to test for Thrombophilia. He is an amazing doctor and person) He fills me w/ so much hope, and reassures me everything will be fine and we will have many babies. (I dont know about the many babies lol sounds like a lot. ) but hey W/ just one, I will be the happiest woman alive. Well my hemotologist did all this blood work, which everything came out good except my LIPOPROTEIN A levels were high. Thefore he stated that, that can be the cause of my miscarriages since High levels of Lipoprotein A forms clotting. Thefore since that day Ive been on baby aspirins, and as soon as I get pregnant he will be putting me on the lovenox shots. Im sooo scared, nervous etc.. More nervous about if I can reach the doctor on time before I miscarry. Nervous that the treatment wont work. Nervous about having another miscarriage. Sooo nervous period! At times I feel helpless. I alway think negative, and think the worse of things. Since that has happened to me twice this year. The doctor can say many positive things, but I will always pull the negative out of what he is saying to me. In conclusion. Im fairly new to this lipoprotein A, and taking aspirin, and the shots for when I get pregnant. I guess Im looking for reasurance that everything is gonna be ok. Or want to know if anyone has experienced fairly the samething I have.