Bumps In The Road

About three years ago i found out I was pregnant took a home pregnacy test about two weeks later I started to spot really bad I had lost it. I was 21 then. Me and my husband have been trying for 3 years. I was told I had pcos. Last month I took 7 test to be sure because I had a false positive and turned up a chemcal pregancy. All 7 came back positive but when I went to the doctor there test was negative they did a blood test and my hcg level was 35 so the figured I was in the process of loseing it so I came back in 3 days and my number jumped to 107. Three days after that I started to spot through out the day it got heavier like a period. Went to the hospital and the did a pelvic and a blood test they said my hcg level went down to 11 I was misscarring again. It was no where near as bad as last time and I didnt clot Ive heard of people being pregnant with twins and misscarring one they run in my family I just still feel pregnant and I just dont know if Im holding on to wanting to be, but I have a odd feeling I am, could I be?