Spreading of existing infections - if a woman has an existing infection or STD in her vagina when she has a surgical abortion, there is a chance the infection could spread to the rest of her reproductive organs and cause fertility problems in the future. Again, this is something that very rarely happens, because most clinics check for and treat such infections before the abortion takes place.

In these circumstances, a woman is often given antibiotics after the abortion procedure, to make sure there is no chance of the infection surviving and spreading.


In short, talk to your doctor. Many women who have had abortions are afraid of being judged by a doctor now that they are trying to get pregnant again. You should not let this stop you seeking medical advice.

If you've had an abortion, you are just as entitled to non-judgmental fertility advice as anyone else, and there is always a doctor out there willing to help. If you are not comfortable talking to your current doctor, make an appointment with someone else.

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