Marijuana and sperm count
Frequent marijuana use has been linked with a reduction in sperm count and seminal fluid. As well, the sperm behavior of men who regularly smoke marijuana has been found to be "abnormal," meaning that the sperm has problems swimming as well as penetrating the egg.

Lower testosterone levels are also common in men who habitually smoke marijuana. As a normal testosterone level is vital to the production of sperm, regular use of marijuana causes this process to become hindered.

If you engage in any of these behaviors, it is recommended that you cut out these vices when you are trying to conceive. However, do not expect to get your partner pregnant as soon as you stop drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana.

As it takes three months for your body to produce sperm, the effects and damage you may have done to your reproductive system can persist long after you have stopped using drugs or alcohol.

Typically, an alcohol rehab center provides effective programs to encourage people who are using excessive alcohol, especially among men facing alcoholism induced health issues, to work the path towards sobriety and recovery from addiction.

Table of Contents
1. Drugs, Alcohol and Infertility
2. Stop getting high
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