Fertilmarq is already on sale. This test is more complicated to use and has more components. Each test can be used to test two different semen samples (i.e. a second sample produced a few days after the first). Fertilmarq also refers only to sperm count. It relies on a color comparison system to help you work out whether a sample is fertile or not. Fertilmarq costs around $40 for one test.

Micra is a home test that measures sperm count and sperm motility. Motility is considered good when more than 50% of the sperm cells in a semen sample are moving. The Micra test set comes with a microscope and slides to allow you to examine and interpret the results. Detailed instructions are provided. At the time of writing, Micra was selling on Amazon for around $80.

Generally, couples who use male home fertility tests report that the more complicated a test is, the more likely they are to end up going to the doctor anyway for a second opinion.

Where To Buy

Home tests for men are still relatively new, therefore not that many pharmacies or shops stock them. Your best option is to order online.

Table of Contents
1. Male Home Testing
2. Fertilmarq and Micra home tests
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