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In order to produce that winning sperm, a man has to take good care of himself. We know the basics of good health, but what seems to be missed is that good health affects everything in the body. That "everything" includes sperm.

In order to ensure that his half of the equation is functioning well, a man can do a few basic dietary things:

· Take a multivitamin every day, one that is strong in trace minerals like selenium, zinc and folic acid.

· Eat plenty of fruits and veggies that are rich in antioxidants.

· Reduce stress because it can affect sexual function and interfere with male hormone balance.

· Get regular exercise - but not gorilla weekends. Exercising to exhaustion does more harm than good.

· Watch the waistline. Too little body fat is as problematic as too much body fat. Sperm count and an increase in abnormal sperm result from extremes on either end of the weight issue.

Environmental Dangers Lurking Everywhere

When you consider that only 50% to 70% of a man's sperm are healthy enough to go the distance, it just makes sense to do whatever is necessary to ensure the sperm have the best chance possible. Environmental factors are yet another concern when it comes to producing healthy sperm.

· Beware of toxins that are found in the workplace and at home. Heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals that are found in solvents endanger sperm.

· Stop smoking! Smoking can damage the sperm's DNA and affect the quality and quantity of the sperm. Experts say that sperm damaged by smoking can cause health problems and affect the growth and development of the baby in the womb. It also increases erectile dysfunction.

· Alcohol should be limited to no more than one or two drinks a day. If a man smokes and drinks, the damage is particularly bad.

· Illicit drugs, including marijuana, can impact all aspects of sperm health. Include steroids in this category, even if they're not illegal. They shrink the testicles and reduce fertility. Testosterone supplements likewise decrease fertility.

· No hot tubs or hot baths, saunas or steam rooms. The heat reduces the sperm count.

· Keep cool by wearing loose clothing. Even your own body heat can damage sperm, so tight pants and working on your laptop while it sits on your lap are all problematic situations.

· Some medications, both over-the-counter and prescription can affect sperm health.

Making a baby is an important job, and having healthy sperm requires a man to take good care of his body. 


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