Fertility and Laughter

Comedy Movies

Another way to get laughing is to watch some of your favorite comedy movies. Why not watch a funny movie before going to have your fertility treatment. Alternatively, download something hilarious onto your iPod or MP3 player so that you can watch it while you are waiting for the treatment to take effect.


A funny book or audio book can also get you giggling, so why not borrow a few from the library to read or listen to help to relieve the tension of trying to get pregnant.

A book you may find interesting to read is Laughin'fertility: A Bundle of Observations for the Baby-Making Challenged by Lisa Safran. Even though her treatments were frequently very stressful, Lisa manages to write humorously about her five-year struggle to get pregnant and reading someone else's story may help you to feel less alone.

At the very least, laughing can help you relax while going through your treatment. And perhaps laughing will help you have your little miracle bundle, just like the biblical Sarah.

Table of Contents
1. Laughing Helps Fertility
2. Ways to get giggling
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