Telling the Truth...simply

Because this is an exhausting and emotionally draining period in your life, it can really help to have the love and support of trusted family members or close friends. For those incredibly dark days when the pregnancy test is negative yet again, it is critical to have someone you can turn to.

For those you choose to tell, do so in the simplest manner possible. Offering the simplest details such as "we are having trouble conceiving and are going through a very difficult time," is generally enough for those who love you. Be prepared, however, as nine times out of ten word gets out even if you have specifically asked others not to share.

Insensitive comments

If a relative or stranger is insensitive enough to question your further by asking about the details of your infertility, it usually works well to give them facts they probably don't really want to know such as telling them you have hostile cervical mucus. (You will be amazed at how fast they will change the subject!)

Even knowing your loved ones mean well, be prepared for advice that ranges from ridiculous to downright stupid. Many couples dealing with infertility have heard "just relax" until they could strangle the next person who says it. After all, if all there was to it was to relax, there would be few infertile couples in the world.

In the end, remember that while the infertility path can be fraught with bumps and hardships, being able to share with someone who loves you can make it easier to get through.

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1. Infertility Struggles
2. How to share the news
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