Will this ever work
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jerrym - September 14

Hi.. My name is Jerry, I just turned 27 years old. This is my 1st time in any sort of fertility forum.

I have decided to get into this stuff because I am tired of being confused and more confused.

I have such a long history, but recently in January suffered from an ectopic pregnancy (got prego naturally). My husband and I were very surprised when we found out we were pregnant. It was very short lived. I had a lapa to remove the ectopic. During surgery I found out that I have Stage 3 endo and also had serious complications from this surgery. I started to internally bleed.

Fortunately, the Dr. was able to save both tubes and "clean" out the endo. It took me 4 months to recover. We started trying again in June. Obviously without any luck.

My Dr. told me that IVF was my only chance if I did not become pregnant naturally within 6 months. I thought that was a lame answer, so I found a new DR.

This Dr. mointored one cycle and said that I didnt produce any "very" mature eggs. I decided to go on injectables. This last month was my 1st experience.

I was Gonal F (75) for 5 days and then (150) for 5 more. Then a shot of ovidrel. From my blood levels it looks like I ovulated. Of course, I took a few pregnancy tests way too earl and they were positive (most likely because the HCG (Ovidrel shot) was stll in my system. I am not a week past my shot and my pregnancy tests are becoming less and less positive (faint lines).

ISorry this is so long, but I need to get this off my chest.
I just dont understand. I got pregnant so easily the 1st time and now I cant.

Can anyone share???


amyjoy - September 19

i don't have experience with endo. You should really wait until you are 12+ days past the HCG injection to get a real positive on the home tests. Have you tried IUI with the Gonal-F? I don't know if that would work in your situation, but that's how we got our positive with twins. I'm due in April.

It is okay to feel confused. At one point this was all new to everyone. Have you looked at any other posts? There is a Gonal-F post with ladies who give great support.

Much luck to you and your journey!



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