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wannabemom - August 20

Yesterday afternoon I started bleeding. I have to go this morning for an ultrasound. almost 7 weeks along. Does this mean what I think it means? My eyes hurt from crying. Please keep your fingers cross that its something other than...............I woke up this morning and the bleeding has stopped. Will update when I get home.


jamielee - August 20

I also had bleeding on and off until 14 weeks one time very heavy with clots! I pray that your situation is like mine and the baby is ok! Good luck today and let us know!!


Alexa - August 20

I also had bleeding around 8 weeks that lasted about 3-4 weeks my bleed was called a subchorinic bleed w/ passing clots which is very common in IVF patients a small part of the pacenta didn't completly attach to the wall of the uterus most of the time its a small seperation and once it heals it causes no further problems I am almost 6mths with no more bleeding...

I am not saying thats what you have but there could be several reasons for bleeding try not to worry you could just have some implantation bleeding...



Ange - August 20

wannabemom~ Your in my prayers please let us know what happened at the u/s.



wannabemom - August 20

The ultra sound showed a heart beating and the brain is forming. It was a case of getting off of the progeterone injections into the suppository progesterone. They said that my body didn't have time to adjust and that it is common. Thanks for the support girls. It made me feel so good to know that again, I am not the only one out there and that there is others that have gone through it. Next Wednesday is 8th week ultra sound, so all is well...thank you all.


jamielee - August 21

Thats great news!! I spent soooo much time crying in the beginning of my pregnancy due to bleeding so I totally understand!!



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