Where is everyone???
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SMS1129 - October 15

I too have been lurking around. It is great to hear how everyone is doing. I have so much gratitide toward all of the ladies on this site and hope everyone gets a BFP very soon!!

44, I am glad you were not hurt and you sound very upbeat. That is great!!

Babydust to everyone!



Fortyfour - October 15

Hey, where is Meredithhasfaith. Are you out there? Are you ok. I have been thinking alot about you lateley.

Thanks Sue. I am just grateful nothing is broken.

Take care all.


silli_kitti - October 15

PJ - I'm so sorry about your cat. I've had 3 during my lifetime so far, thankfully I didn't have the heartache of watching them die. Mine just didn't come home one day. My dad used to tell me that cats know when they're going to die and wouldn't ever do it in public (they're too classy for that), especially in front of the family they love so much. Rather, they leave to find a nice cozy spot in a sunny meadow somewhere to curl up and go to sleep. I was just a girl then, but when my last cat "went away" when I was 26, it sure made me feel better to think my kitti was basking in the sun in some happier place.
I'm so sorry you had to watch you kitti suffer, it must have been very painful for you. I'm sure kitti is in a happier place now, purring away, basking in the sun.

44 - I'm so glad your accident was not serious. Hope you recover quickly.
Re: HSG - my first one hurt so bad I couldn't stop moving (trying to get away from the pain I guess!). They had to call in a tech to hold me down cuz I just couldn't lay still while they tortured me like that! My second one, about 5 years later, was totally painless. I didn't feel a thing. They said, OK thats it, all clear, I was like "what? its over?" Hope your second one is painless too!


Fortyfour - October 15

Thanks sillikitti- I get sweat on my brow just thinking of the first one. How are you doing by the way?


silli_kitti - October 16

Still waiting..........


Debie - October 17

pj I am terribly sorry about your lovely cat and that you are feeling so down lately, I hope you are feeling a little bit better than the weekend.

44 I hope you're recovering from the stiffness, it's always a pleasure reading from you.
Sue it's good to hear from you, I wondered about you and am glad to know you are keeping on. I continue to miss Meridith.

Wantsbaby the housekeeper matter is getting interesting, she's understandably tired all the time and last week asked not to come to work, this has not happened before, I'm in conflict I like to have her work in the house, but what will I do if this request for time-off continues? Should I start looking for somebody esle?? We are going into summer in the next few weeks and it gets sizzling hot this side of the world and I already feel guilty to have a pregnant lady cleaning up after us. What to do????



Fortyfour - October 19

Debi - Where do you live? Forgive me if you have told us before. I am sorry to be so forward but I vote for a new housekeeper. You can be happy for others later - for now your heart needs protecting. Thats it for my nurse-mother lecture.

My neck is finally tolerable today. I have had so much pain and have felt a little angry and depressed because it has stopped me from doing so many things. But today I could lift my arms without cringing. Yeah!!!!!

Baby dust to all.


pj - October 19

thank you to everyone for your condolances on my cat. i really appreciate them. he is sorely missed by all of us.
i'm still numb from all the grief lately. i guess it's good that we have a forced break from this cycle of hope & despair called fertility treamtent.
i think we may try again sometime next year if that clinic in new york city is all it's cracked up to be. until then, i may be hard to find. but i will check up on everybody once in a while.
good luck and baby dust to all of you on the journey. may your babies come to you sooner rather than later.


baby4us - October 19

Good Luck PJ.. we will miss your posts.. so I hope you are able to send us your thoughts while you are on break.

When are you starting at the NY clinic? If it's in New York.. it's got to be amazing.. so keep thinking those positive thoughts!

Baby dust


WantsBaby2 - October 19

Good luck to you on your journey. Keep in touch with us here. I have enjoyed your posts and your poems you have shared and I hope you stick around here with us during your wait.

Again, I am sorry about your kitty. When we had to put ours down, I thought I would literally just stop breathing. I felt so guilty too...even though she was so sick. It has been 3 months since and I still cry once in awhile.... but I suppose that is normal. Take care PJ.



Fortyfour - October 20

PJ - I will miss your posts so keep in touch every so often. Baby dust.


meridithhasfaith - October 20

Hi everyone

I know I have been MIA for quite a while. It was a very sucky summer for us here. I have been through 3 cycles in 4 months and all were disasters of their own kind.

PJ- Sorry things are so rough for you right now...I felt so bad when I read about your cat. I wish you the best...

I saw your post, 44, asking about me. It was funny to see the date of your post...my 37th birthday! Thank you for thinking of me. I think about you too, a lot. All of the women here go through my mind every night when I lay down and have time to ponder everything.

I am joining all of you in the holding pattern. After such disastrous cycles and with dh's severe infertility, we will be moving on to IUI with donor sperm if we continue trying. I say "if" because I am concerned about my RE's views on this and mine. He wants to do natural cycles which holds only a 4-6% chance of pregnancy and I want to use either Clomid or injections. IUI with injections has a success rate very close to the general population, per month. So, I will see on Nov. 1 if I am going to get a battle with him or what. I am not up for fighting much anymore...I don't have the drive to find a different RE, etc. So...if he agrees to what I want, I will do 2-3 IUI's with donor sperm and hope and pray for the best. That's where I am.

I have been watching everyone's progress and for some reason needed to just lurk for a while. I have to say, it's nice to post again. No one knows what we are considering this time around. All of my friends and family think we are done trying and that's that.

I can't believe how many of this group did actually get pregnant and how many of those are nearing their due dates. That's amazing to me. I'm glad some of us are beating this thing.

If I do an IUI in November/December, wantsbaby2, 44 and I might be cycle buddies again. That's kind of cool. All I can say is...the site better not go down again! :P

Ok, enough ramble...I will post more and I always read.

Take care,


Fortyfour - October 21

Thank goodness you are ok. Meredithhasfaith. I wrote to you on your Birthday? Maybe I should be a psychic eh? I am sorry your cycles did not work out. Donor sperms sounds like a great approach and good luck with that. Once again I am glad you are back and wish you buckets of baby dust. Wouldnt it be great to cycle again with everyone. If this thing goes down again I will have a nervous breakdown this time.



baby4us - October 21

Meredithhasfaith.. it is good to hear from you again.

I can imagine the pain and frustration you are going through from your horrible summer..but as 44 says.. the IUIs with donor sperm do sound positive.. so I hope all that works out for you. Let us know what you decide!
Baby Dust!


Karen123 - October 21

Meridithhasfaith, I too thought of you often and wondered how you were doing. When I first started posting to this board you were one of the women who made me feel so comfortable and welcome here. I learned a LOT from all your posts. You really made a difference in what I've gone through. I truly hope your new path works for you and soon! Take care. It was nice to read your post. Karen


Debie - October 24

Meridithhasfaith I'm glad to read from you again. I wish you the very best on your next step in the journey.



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